Sandy Bliven - RE/MAX South County

VALUE PROPOSAL CHECK LIST VS What do Other agencies offer?

1. Brand and Sign Recognition, national company, nationwide clout!

2. Local Presence, Reputation, and Market Participation

3. Physical location, 56 Wells Street, Westerly, Can you find their office?

4. How many other agents does your potential agent see every day who are selling real estate, we are an office of 15 and growing?

5. Electronic presence and reputation

6. Physical location on the web, can you find the other agencies on the web?

7. Rapid response assurance Lead Router and call capture, do the other agencies offer this?

8. (how are other agencies framed?) , 

9. Management and administrative structure

10. 24/7 Call Capture signage, when a buyer calls this #800 on the sign, I automatically receive a text from the caller

I am respectful of the commission dollars that are paid in every broker influenced sale. All too often the consumer hires a firm without defining the value that they should expect for the fee they are paying. That is why we offer a commission structure that translates to more opportunities for you the seller, that brings your listings higher on the google search engines!